Luxury is the motto of MAMMUT. Boasting 12mm thick boards, MAMMUT feels and sounds so solid underfoot it is indistinguishable from hardwood floors. The authenticity of the range is amplified further by its impressive wood grains and warming colours. The registered emboss and matt finish is so captivatingly realistic it encourages tactile exploration. This luxuriousness is further enhanced by the range’s extra long planks which, combined with its micro-bevel edges, creates spaces characterized by elongated elegance. Boasting an AC5 abrasion rating and a Use Class of 33, MAMMUT is so sturdy it will maintain its beauty even in heavy-traffic commercial spaces.*

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*Excludes: Areas prone to getting wet such as bathrooms, toilets and laundries.

Beanspruchungsklasse 32

Abrasion Class

Commercial 33 AC 5

Decor Properties

  • Long


    These panels are especially long.

  • Structure


    These panels have a special surface structure.

  • Clic System

    Clic System

    A 5G snap-together system makes the flooring even easier to install.

  • V4 - all the way round

    V4 - all the way round

    These panels feature a 45° sloped edge. When they are joined together, a V-groove forms, producing a natural solid wood character. V4 – all the way round

  • Antistatic



  • Optimised Joints

    Optimised Joints

    Thicker laminate flooring panels also have thicker CLIC snap-together joints.


General approval for use in construction by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Civil Engineering)


AFS Krono Brochure 2018

Copyright SWISS KRONO TEX GmbH & Co. KG



Installation instructions „Clic System“

Preparation for installation

Prior to laying, please store KRONOTEX flooring horizontally in its unopened packaging at room temperature for a minimum of 48 hours so that the planks have enough time to reach room temperature.

The following ambient conditions should prevail previous to, during, and three days following installation:

  • Floor surface: min. 15°C
  • Air temperature: min. 18°C
  • Humidity: 50 - 75%